Septic system solutions

Prevention/Solution- Water Usage:
Try not to overload your septic system with water usage. For example, instead of doing 5 loads of laundry on Saturday morning, try to spread this out during the week. Install a lint filter on your washer to keep out synthetic debris that can clog up the septic system. Don't use garbage disposals and don't dump grease, coffee grounds, sanitary napkins, fats or other objects into your plumbing.
Prevention/ Solution- TANK MAINTENANCE:
The Best way to prevent septic tank and line problems is to have a good system of septic tank maintenance. Your tank should be pumped out and examined by a certified professional. In a new installation, you should have the tank checked after 3 years. in older houses, or if you're unaware of the last time the tank was pumped and checked, do this more frequently. Pumping out the tank will clear out any solids and other larger waste that can back up your tank and clog up your drain field.
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